Attention, awareness and responsibility are at the basis of the whole of SITAB P.E.'s production.
From this commitment derives SITAB P.E.'s engagement in obtaining a number of major international certifications that ensure complete suitability and reliability for each single product.


Certipur® is a European program designed to raise Safety, Health and Environmental standards in the polyurethane foams sector: the program is based on criteria that require participating companies, like SITAB P.E., to comply with restrictions concerning substances that may be harmful for health and the environment. Certipur® is the only existing mark exclusively applicable to polyurethane utilised in furniture, bedding and associated markets.


The Oeko-Tex® tests for harmful substances guarantee the absence of health risks: these tests have become a uniform and scientifically founded evaluation standard for the human and ecological safety of polyurethane products. The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class II certificate shows that SITAB P.E. products have been successfully tested and that they comply with the requirement of harmlessness for human health in reference to Annex XVII of the European REACH regulation and rules in force.


I prodotti ignifughi di Sitab Pe presentano caratteristiche di reazione al fuoco appositamente predeterminate, in funzione di norme nazionali ed internazionali. Ogni certificazione di reazione al fuoco del singolo prodotto può essere richiesta al vostro commerciale di riferimento.