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Tailored products represent the new challenge of SITAB P.E. for the comfort market. We offer two innovative high density products: AIR ACTIVE, anatomical cushioning offering comfortable support and AIR ADVANCED MEMORY and AIR BASIC MEMORY, visco-elastic selfmoulding memory foam. These two products are produced with different and combined characteristics of density, firmness, and fire reaction, with one common denominator: a very high level of comfort with unparalleled properties of breathability.


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Complete and unparalleled breathability is the distinctive feature of polyurethane foams: AIR ADVANCED MEMORY and AIR BASIC MEMORY, our viscoelastic memory foam line and AIR ACTIVE, the evolution latex. The special technology used for these microporous foams ensures constant airflow between cells and prevents the formation of pockets of moisture that provide fertile ground for the proliferation of mites and bacteria. It is the specific use of air during the manufacturing of our AIR polyurethane foams, that made it possible to create innovative products, with outstanding breathability values and granting continuous aeration during use.

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Breathability test.
Comparative tests were performed according to standard ISO 9237:1995 and show that breathability values of viscoelastic AIR ACTIVE MEMORY foams reach the highest level, while pneumatic viscoelastic foams, with their close-cell structure, show values close to zero.


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Constant air exchange in the products AIR, due to microporosity, is ensured by an open cell structure preventing the stagnation of humidity, the formation of molds and reducing conditions favorable to the development of mites.

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AIR ADVANCED MEMORY polyurethane foams, our viscoelastic memory foams, is the result of a new formula developed on natural based ingredients of vegetable origin e quindi rinnovabile and derived from a sugary substance called sorbitol. Raw materials based on SORBITOL are mainly obtained from biomasses with a lower energy consumption compared to normal synthesis productions e con un basso impatto ambientale andando incontro alla consumers are more and more sensitive to environmental issues.

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Comfort index is extremely important as a high comfort index means that both stout and slim people will appreciate equally how a mattress or pillow can adapt to the shape and movements of their bodies. One of the fundamental elements to evaluate comfort is the Sag Factor, or comfort index, that measures the ratio between the compression values of foams at 65% and 25%. Conventional polyurethane foams have a Sag Factor value of about 2.0, while HR polyurethane foams show values of about 2.6. Our AIR ACTIVE polyurethane foams, with their latex effect, reach 3.0, equaling natural rubber latex but keeping the advantage of a much greater lightness.

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All values result from experimental tests and provide an indication of the comfort index of each material: the higher the number, the greater the comfort.


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From ongoing research on innovation and performances, SITAB developed ICE sensation, a comfortable and lasting feeling of freshness. SITAB applied this special technology to its AIR EVOLUTION open-cell foams: AIR ADVANCED MEMORY – our memory foams – and AIR ACTIVE – the evolution of natural latex. AIR ADVANCED MEMORY ICE – SITAB’s memory foam – and AIR ACTIVE ICE – latex-like – are our new polyurethane foams with ICE sensation granting a lasting and pleasant feeling of freshness thanks to their temperatureregulating control in the areas meeting the body. This makes it possible to create an ideal microclimate, therefore ensuring a refreshing and comfortable rest. With their high degree of breathability and resilience, these foams are perfectly suitable for the manufacturing of anatomical structures for mattresses with top-level properties of comfort and freshness. The characteristics of the ICE formulation ensure innovative thermal performance that can improve the quality of sleep, greatly reducing the proliferation of bacteria and mold, and producing a highly hygienic and comfortable product.

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Thermal conductivity (shown by the symbol λ, lambda) measures the capacity of a given material to release heat. The greater the value λ, the better the heat dissipation of that material. When materials have closed cellular structures thermal exchanges take place mainly by conduction through the solid walls of the cells and by radiation through the cells themselves, while in open cellular structures these mostly happen thanks to the airflow between cells. It is therefore clear that in closed-cell foams, as in traditional viscoelastic foams, heat dissipation happens very slowly. On the contrary, in innovative open-cell foams such as AIR ADVANCED MEMORY GEL, the constant airflow optimizes heat dissipation by creating a beneficial cooling effect.

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This graph shows it points out that AIR line products dissipate heat in a much more effective way than regular visco foams with closed cells. The test was performed according to regulation UNI En 12667.


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FLORA is a range of essential oils that, thanks to the beneficial properties of nature, can be combined perfectly with AIR ADVANCED MEMORY polyurethane foam, an eco-compatible visco-elastic memory foam with a natural plant based ingredient.

The product, which can be freely customised, is offered in the following fragrances:
Dried chamomile mountain flowers have relaxing properties
Dried lavender flowers give a sense of freshness and clean
Leaves and flowers of Eucalyptus can facilitate breathing.

To maintain the effects of the essences as long as possible the product is sealed right after production.

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BOUQUET is a collection of essential oils that assure a slow and lasting release of traces of gentle and appealing fragrances to promote restful and restorative sleep, thanks to "on-touch" technology. Natural fragrances, all completely free from allergenic substances and offering specific olfactory characteristics:

Bergamot, with contrast and harmony of sparkling citrus notes
Lemongrass, with its characteristic flavor of fresh lemon
Antique leather, with an intense balsamic fragrance
Jasmine, a euphoric and stimulating scent
Lemon, with multi-purpose functions, sour and invigorating
Tangerine, sweet and aromatic
Green apple, the scent of youth, invigorating and revitalizing
Mint, invigorating, highly aromatic with its typical pungent and spicy flavor

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Colors convey beneficial properties to both mind and body.
For example:
- Red is stimulating;
- Blue is calming and soothing, antiseptic;
- Yellow is relaxing and strengthens the immune system;
- Green is rebalancing and relieves insomnia;
- Purple is relaxing and favors meditation;
- Orange stimulates metabolism and restores the balance of the nervous system.
SITAB offers producers of mattresses a variety of colors, to make each single product unique and highly customizable.

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